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Odisha Government Clears 26000 crore worth of Investment for the state

Giving clear indications of his intent to take Odisha to the next platform on big time reforms, the Naveen Patnaik government gave its approval to investments worth of Rs 26,076 crore in various sectors. The step would give a breather to the government that has seen a clear shortfall in revenues earned over the past year owing to general slowdown of the economy that affects the entire globe.

Cupertino City of California and Bhubaneswar are now sister cities

16th August 2011 was a red letter day for Bhubaneswar City. It is on this day that the City Council of City of Cupertino City passed Resolution 11 thereby establishing Sister City relationship between Bhubaneswar, India and the City of Cupertino as well establishing a Sister City Committee to Identify, Manage, Co-ordinate and Implement activities relating thereto.

Doing things differently

Nibasa believes in doing things differently. We don’t just speak this for good PR, we live it every day. Whether it is our unique approach to dealing with Land transactions, our unique belief in providing first class client service (even if to requires short term pain) or our mastery of the Orissa market, we like to be different.