It’s a place where tranquility and sophistication mix. You are inside the city with a great environment, salubrious surroundings and recreational facilities Its a home where design spells out a great lifestyle and the attention to every detail creates a tailor made home that is exclusively yours. Come, live at Northern Heights and witness for yourself, inspiration in every brick and carved to perfection with imagination and would be a manifestation of quest for architectural excellence. Each home will be designed with an accent on high aesthetic appeal, blending it with modern comforts. Living at Northern Heights will be an experience in fine living even for your future generations to come. The spacious rooms in Northern Heights create a sense of elegance and convenience with wide open spaces that will invite you to stretch yourself and breathe freely. The balconies will allow you to see nature in all its beauty and the windows that will bring in the freshness of the morning breeze. Altogether the natural environs will enliven your soul even when you are in the lap of the crowded city.