Concept :- “Trishna Exotica” is a Duplex project in Bhubaneswar which is designed just to keep you close to nature. Provision of most advanced HomeAutomation systems for making the home a palatial haven not just a home. A true reflection of your own royal persona.

Location :- “Trishna Exotica” is located at Patia, Bhubaneswar, the fastest growing area of the temple city. Its just half a kilometer from the Big Bazar Patia.

Standard : “Trishna Exotica” is designed to have everything that spells class where your every wish is a command and you will be provided with all possible amenities for pleasurable living. Set apart for the elite, “Trishna Exotica” will have the most extensive civic amenities to provide its inhabitants with the metro comfort and convenience. It will have everything that reflects classy touch. This is exactly what we have blended for you in this plush haven.

Distinction : From blue prints to execution, “Trishna Exotica” will take due care of all your individual and specific needs and your dream home will have all that you wish for you and your family. That’s how your home will be unique for you. Besides, the right of possession is reserved only for those who are equally elite. This is just the way of ensuring that each resident of “Trishna Exotica” gets his kind of neighbour.