Financing your home is a complex maze. If you think you should take a loan from a bank that offers the lowest interest rate, then you are grossly mistaken. There are many factors that you should consider while deciding where to go. Amongst the many factors that you should consider are eligibility, fixed vs floating vs resettable fixed, 0.5%-1% processing fees that is non refundable irrespective of whether you finally buy the house or not, adjustable EMI and the prepayment fees that is usually 1%-2% of the outstanding amount. All these should be well documented so that you are safeguarded from the uncertainties of the future.

We, at Nibasa, have tie-ups with leading financial institutions and are devoted to solving your financial needs. We ensure that you are evaluating the best options as applies to your case and that you are getting the best financial solution that you deserve. We have international class financial experts amongst us. Out attorneys also ensure that you are well protected for the entire tenure of the loan. If you are looking for a home loan solution, whether it is for a new home or refinancing, please contact us to understand our offerings in details. We provide customized financing solutions that exactly meets your need. We offer consulting services to help you understand your eligibility and preparedness!


We offer packaged financial solutions or act as liaisons connecting you to the very best people that we have carefully selected. The areas for which we provide financials solutions and loans are:

  • Land Purchase
  • Home Purchase
  • Home Construction
  • Home Extension
  • Home Repair/Improvement
  • Home Conversion
  • NRI Home Loans
  • Balance Transfer
  • Stamp Duty
  • Bridge Loans