At Nibasa, we understand that buying a new home or selling your existing home is not the be all and end all. There is a lot in between and thats where care and attention matters. We have formalized this space and offer a wide variety of services beginning from To Let services to home maintenance, remodeling and associated legal services. Our aim is to provide complete home solution packages so that we can take the stress out of your life. We want yo to rest, assured that your most valued assets are well taken care of, even if you are faraway for your city and for long periods.

In Odisha, there are hardly any well established property management services company. There are usually small players that function in local territories focussing on properties in their neighborhood. But it becomes difficult for a property owner to evaluate the benefits that exist. Thus many owners directly goto the market by advertising their property in news media or hand it over only to known agents. Nibasa aims to offer city wide property management services. We use our local contacts to reach out to the broader market. Within us, you will find a reliable, trustworthy, accountable and professional provider for all your property management needs.



Perform detailed documentation of the interior and exterior including photos. Offer recommendations on repairs and cosmetic improvements that maximize monthly rent while providing good ROI. Gather data on rental rates in the area and work with owners to determine the optimal rental rate.


Prepare home for rent. Clean home and optimize interior appeal. Create tailored advertisements. Work with other realtors and leasing agents to find a tenant. Field calls from prospects for viewings. Meet prospective tenants for showings throughout the week and weekend.


Perform a background check to verify identity, income, history, etc. Grade tenant according to pre-defined tenant criteria. Provide legally compliant rental applications. Collect first months rent and security deposit. Setup monthly mode of payment between tenant and owner.



Rent collection on behalf of owner and depositing funds. Receiving rent. Hunting down late payments. Sending out pay or quit notices. Enforcing late fees, if necessary.


Perform periodic inspections (inside and outside) on a predefined schedule looking for repair needs, safety hazards, code violations, lease violations, etc. Send owner periodic reports on the condition of the property.


Filing relevant paperwork to initiate and complete an unlawful detainer action. Representing owner in court. Coordinating with law enforcement to remove tenant and tenants possessions from unit.


Provide accounting property management services. Make payments on behalf of owner (Mortgage, insurance, other dues). Detailed documentation of expenses via invoices and receipts. Maintain all historical records (paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, warranties, etc.) Provide annual reporting.


Provide and oversee property end to end maintenance. Establish a preventative maintenance policy to identify and deal with repair needs. Select and assign handyman, professional contractors. Maintain outdoor areas. Landscaping. Larger renovation or rehab projects. Interior setup.


Advise in the event of a legal dispute or litigation. Refer owner to a qualified attorney when necessary. Understand and abide by the latest local, state and national legislation that apply to renting and maintaining rental properties.