Selling a home is a daunting experience. Finding the right sales team to represent your property is the secret key to maximizing your returns. Valuation, Pricing, Listing, Marketing and Closure can all be intimidating if you are not in the right hands or do not have the right market insights. At Nibasa, we understand your pain! Thats why we make it easy for you to sell your prized possession. Our aim is to let you rest in peace and get you the price that you deserve.

We perform a property valuation and guide you on how to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Sometimes small fixes can reap you bigger returns. Timing the market is also essential. All of this is possible if you have a finer understanding of the Odisha real estate space. We have that expertise. We base our recommendations on the plethora of information we have gathered specifically for you. Please contact us if you are thinking of selling your house to learn more details about why we will be able to bring you the best value in town!

6 STEPS to Selling Your Home

We are very focussed when it comes to your property. We scavenge the market to find you the right buyers. Each buyer also undergoes an appraisal process. Following is the highlight of a comprehensive 6 step process that we undertake in two stages. We guarantee to sell your house in 60 days!

nibasa sell process